Camtu Suhonen: Women in Academic Careers

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By Camtu Suhonen*

Discrimination against women who are advancing their career is a breaking down the rule of equality. Men and women are created equal. All the rights, treatment and opportunity that a man has should also be even to women who are pursuing careers of any sort. It will be called unfair, biased and not just when it comes to women.

People should know that women are not just simple creatures that needed men. Women are also born to be great and competitive. Whatever the gender, either male or female, working for an academic career should not be questioned especially when a woman is on the way of establishing a foundation of her career.

Also, opportunities for females should not be limited by individuals and institutions. Policies should be implemented regarding with the proper treatment of women in every academic career they are with. Women are fully aware how powerful a man is, but, they can all do the same.

There is no particular difference. Only in gender but why is it that academic institutions limit this capacity of women? Not because women impregnate means that they are not any more capable of the job. Come to think of it.

Academic Institutions should not implement this type of criticisms for women. A policy should be implemented to fight this irrational behavior of injustice upon women. Women are born to be fighters and machines. They have minds and hearts that run the same with a man. Not just look for the superficial qualities that they have for you will find it literally different and quite assuming. Few are now leaving in a world that is not only dominated by men but also by women.

A variety of women of big names in the society is now breaking the rules of men over women. They are some of the inspiring names in the industry that breaks the rule of men domination. We are in the evolution of equality. Men and women should be seen like that.

Furthermore, the academic profession should work the same treatment of opportunities for the females. Most of the women will see this as a type of insult to their capacity to do the job. Academic Institutions should be aware of the issues and make certain moves to resolve the rise of women’s concern as to the academic career that you guys are trying to snatch away from them.

It is an opportunity that needs to be freely given to everyone. Male and female. No even distribution and no discrimination. Regardless of what and who you are, advancement in an academic career path should be grabbed by enthusiasts and optimism.

Moreover, numerous policies should be implemented to ensure that women are not treated lowly and unfairly. This is the best way to protect women from the tyrannical slavery of individuals and institutions who prefer men over women in any of the academic careers. All people are created equal regardless of the gender.

Camtu Suhonen is an educator and an author based in Helsinki. With a background in technology, she is featured as a sci-fi novelist who began writing at a very young age. In 2010, she joined an activist group and, since then, has spoken out for the weak. With a high sense of social justice, she also has a passion for writing about social issues.