Burst the hate bubble of anti-immigration groups

by , under Enrique Tessieri

When you listen to anti-immigration politicians and groups, there’s one matter that exposes them to the tee: Constant whining without any solutions. They don’t give you the solution to the problem because they simply have none to offer.

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The Nazis were questionably pro-active on ethnic issues. As we saw from 1933, one matter led to another and a whole nation found itself on a slipper slope that led to places like Auschwitz.

Look at the matter this way. Anti-immigration politicians and groups are tirelessly inflating society with hate. Do they do this for our benefit or their opportunistic political goals? Are they preparing us for those slippery slopes that we’ve seen in Europe too many times before?

Demand an answer from them. By demanding solutions you effectively expose them and burst the hate bubble they live in.