Business Insider: Timo Soini’s “threat” to the world economy

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Not only must have Perussuomalaiset (PS) party chairman Timo Soini been swept off his feet with delight for being named by Business Insider  as the seventh-most dangerous person to the global economybut Finland as well for such a dubious recognition. Who ever heard of Business Insider anyway?

For starters, somebody could inform the online publication that the official English name of the PS isn’t any longer the True Finns, but the Finns Party.

After weighing the old and new English-language official translations of the PS, Migrant Tales (MT) decided last year that we didn’t want any part of this populist nonsense and decided to call Soini’s party by its Finnish name, the Perussuomalaiset.

Timo Soini is a dangerous persons to the global economy, according to Business Insider

While we understand  at MT that the PS has been a blow to the credibility of Finland’s international image and to institutions like parliament, the political clout that Soini has hinges by and large on the lack of leadership of  Finland’s major parties, which rolled out the red carpet for him before last year’s election.

Soini’s anti-EU, anti-immigration and especially anti-Islam message appeals to a wide range of politicians in this country.

Why did Business Insider choose Soini as the seventh-most dangerous public figure to the global economy?

The online publication writes: “As the leader of the largest opposition party in Finland’s parliament and one of the biggest eurosceptics in Europe, Timo Soini is in a position of incredible importance with regard to continued euro bailouts.”

I doubt that the PS chairman is any longer in a position of “incredible importance” in Finland. The numerous scandals that have rocked the party and Soini’s disappointing showing in the presidential election have dimmed much of his shine.

Other influential personalities on the Business Insider are: German Chancellor Angela Merkel (1); French President Francois Hollande; German economist Hans-Werner Sinn; Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke; Nkolaus Blome, Bild newspaper deputy editor; and US President Barak Obama.

  1. D4R

    This man thinks and have said that it’s honor to be taken as threat to world economy. He doesnt care not should his sheep followers, aslong as they can fullfill their agenda, wich is to take out all colored people out of Finland and Europe, that’s the only reason he is a chairman and gained so much popularity and support by the majority of Finns. They don’t care if he’s a threat to anything else, aslong as he is threat to vicible immigrants. Now, should this surprise us all that this was coming? not at all, matterfact i think more is to come, i believe if anyone will cause a destruction to Finland is going to be this man.

  2. Iam

    Business Insider HE HE HEEEEEEEE from deep heart
    Timo Soini means kirpputori WOW thats a great idea, idea of century LOL

    Global economy = Global kirpputori HA HA HA

    la la la la
    Have a happy day all and Helsinki