Book review: “The Myth of the Muslim Tide”

by , under Migrant Tales

One of Migrant Tales’ aims has been to bust urban myths about immigrants and minorities. A book published last week by Alfred Knopf Canada, The Myth of the Muslim Tide, aims to do just that concerning Muslims. 

Writes Doug Saunders, the author of the book: “In the U.S., anti-Muslim bigotry has reached such alarming levels that four of the leading Republican presidential candidates went mostly unchallenged as they spread patently false notions about Muslims and Islam, often at the behest of their rich Islamophobic funders.”

Saunders tackles a number of myths like: Islamization and high birth rates; the majority of immigrants are and will be Muslims; Muslims want to live in ghettoes; Muslims are not loyal to their host countries; as well as others.

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