Being a racist or a closet racist in Finland and eating your cake and having it too

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Any serious student of Finnish society should eventually grasp that institutional racism is one of the mothers of all social ills in the country. Institutional racism gives cover to racists and to the toxic white saviors who do irreparable harm to migrants and minorities.

You don’t need a lot of research to figure out the latter. Look at people who have the power to enforce and regulate it.

If the issue is institutional racism, why does Finlan do so little to challenge it? One of many examples of discrimination is the labor market. Why do we rarely read in the media about the authorities clamping down on this problem? It is, instead, a new study over an old one highlighting this problem.

The answer reveals a sad truth: there is no intention or political will to change matters. The situation is what it is because they are supposed to be that way.

US social thinker James Baldwin put it in the following words:

Source: GoodReads

Without any intention of changing matters, rest assured that most projects with newcomers will miss the mark or fail outright. The integration authorities will feed newcomers the usual half-truths about Finnish social justice, which is highly selective.

Unfortunately, the latter will happen with some of the blessings of our culturally diverse communities.

Even so, I am confident the more Finland’s culturally diverse population grows, the more evident this social ill will be, and the need to change it permanently.

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