Bashy Quraishy: Terrorism in Denmark – is it the result of war mongering policies?

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Migrant Tales insight: My Muslim friend in Denmark, Bashy Quaraishy, courageously continues to write on Facebook about the attacks that took place in Denmark. He not only condemns the terrorist acts that left two dead and five wounded, but the Danish People’s Party (DPP), which has turned the country into an intolerable place for Muslims and migrants. 

The Perussuomalaiset (PS)* are a close ideological ally of the DPP. If allowed to, they would become as radical and the same political thugs as their Danish counterparts. 

Wrote Migrant Tales in a recent post

Violence can, however, come in many forms: bombs and killing people in cold blood. You can also use “a silencer” to hide the bombs and bullets and target whole groups in subtler and more effective ways like social exclusion, racism and bigotry.

Both are unacceptable and put at risk our own values.

Both the DPP and the PS are those “silencers.” 


Bashy Quraishy

Denmark is an open, democratic, safe and functioning society; all praise worthy and appreciable qualities but over the period of 2 decades, it has also become a very confrontational, warmongering and hateful place to be, especially for Muslims communities.

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Many Danes do not know or do not care to know that our beautiful Denmark is undisputedly that European country whose parliament has the strongest anti-Islam and xenophobic right-wing Danish People’s Party. In the next election in Sept 2015, it is projected to be the country’s largest party. Its views on Islam, ethnic minorities and foreign aid as well as open borders are scary to say the least. Sadly, this party’s views are more or less shared – but not in the same ferocious manner – by a majority of parliamentary parties, including the Social Democrats.

And now these deadly attacks that killed two and injured 5 innocent people has opened the flood gates of hateful statements that put the whole question of integration, majority/minorities relations, unlimited freedom of speech to demonize Islam and Muslims and the need to monitor minorities in a whole new perspective.

After this weekend’s assassinations, all Danish Muslims would be considered guilty until they it is proven otherwise.

Unfortunately this carnage has given unlimited ammunition to those rightwing and Islamophobic movements that are already active to paint Islam and Muslims as inherently violent, undemocratic and enemies of Freedom of Speech. Many politicians in Denmark were quick to call this heinous act of a lone young gunman as a direct attack on democracy, absolute freedom of speech and “OUR” way of living.

While I understand the frustration, anger and angst in the society very well but what happened on Saturday, the 13th Feb 2015 did not come out of blue. It is the result of years of insults, misinformation and political and media denomination of ethnic minorities, especially Muslim communities.

We should be thankful that in response to all that shit which has been thrown at minorities, they are still very peaceful and docile.
Violence begets violence and as long as Denmark keeps acting like a war lord in other countries, the situation will not get better but worst.

We Danes, especially the civil society has to stand up against this opportunistic political hard line and misuse of freedom of expression. We need to bring back that loving Denmark, I fell in love in 1969 when I came here as a tourist.


The English name of the Perussuomalaiset (PS) is officially the Finns Party. The names adopted by the PS, like True Finns or Finns Party, promote in our opinion nativist nationalism and xenophobia. We therefore prefer to use the Finnish name of the party on our postings. 

  1. Yossie

    Not surprised. Once again we can see Enrique justifying violence and murder by a minority member. Its always the fault of whites. Never have I seen you consider that incitement of Islamic extremism might be a cause. Its always whites/racists/Neonazis that incite people against muslims but never ever other way around. Somehow I doubt you would be this understanding if SD of Sweden member would go in a killing spree because the party has been a victim of “years of insults, misinformation and political and media denomination”

    • Enrique Tessieri

      Yossie, again you go and hit below the belt. You forget that, as opposed to you, have lived in a civil war and what terrorism is. I doubt that the SD guy you refer to is more a figment of your imagination because that guy has white privilege. Your arguments lack imagination and leadership because they are a direct copy from the far-right anti-immigration websites. Why don’t you surprise me once in a while with some of your OWN thinking?

    • Yossie

      Oh right, because I challenge your anti-white rhetoric it must be from anti-immigration websites. Like there is absolutely no way your own writings might have to do with it. Give me a break. Its rather obvious to anyone reading your blog. You never hold minorities responsible for their own actions, but keep blaming whites. There is always a justifying reason for non whites, but never ever for any action of whites.