BALOBESHAYI: Are Africans Really Black?

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Beatrice Kabutakapua

Ferguson. One of the most known city in the US right now, not for the happiest  reasons though. It’s the place where Michael Brown, an African America man, was shot by the police. Usually the ethnic background is useless for me,but in this case is the engine that started the turmoil happening in this community in the state of Missouri.

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You’ll find tons of articles about the issue but I just want to share one of them, appeared on The Guardian and written by Hannah Giorgis who is presented as a black feminist born by Eritreans and Ethiopians.

Why is her piece interesting?

In it she makes a point for one of those endless discussions: are Africans as black as African Americans? Her answer is yes. And should Africans show more solidarity with African-Americans? Again, yes. Why? Because

We are here and we are black

Let’s go back to Ferguson now, Giorgis is disappointed by the lack of interest shown by African migrants in the issue, after all police is not only shooting African-Americans butblack people in general. She says:

To pretend that we exist outside the consequences of blackness in this country is to do both ourselves and African Americans a profound injustice. It makes us complicit in perpetuating dangerous stereotypes about African Americans – and by extension, all black people.

To read the full article visit the Guardian and then come back here to express your view.

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