Avarn Security Managing Director Niclas Sacklén should step down

by , under Enrique Tessieri

The scandal that has rocked and come to public light about Avarn Security gets more incriminating by the day, revealing a culture of downplaying and coverup. Avarn Security Managing Director Niclas Sacklén’s initial reaction to Helsingin Sanomat was disbelief.

According to the daily, Sacklén considered the allegations “unbelievable.” Moreover, he initially would not confirm if the company, which has an annual turnover of 100 million euros, terminated the employment of the suspected security guards.

Sacklén has denied in repeated interviews with Helsingin Sanomat that the company as zero tolerance for violence by security guards. Now he admits that the company has failed in this task.

Sacklén’s assurances are nothing more than a coverup. A security company that does not provide security but terrorizes people is highly problematic. The problem reveals a wider problem in Finnish society, which lacks the will to regulate itself. Sacklén should resign from his job.

Avarn Security Managing Director Niclas Sacklén’s said upon seeing the video was “truly terribly,” according to Helsingin Sanomat, which has uncovered several cases of assault like the one above. The video is of another incident that does not involve the suspects held in custody by the police. What is worrying and suggests that the violence by Avarn Security guards is more widespread and a bigger problem than Sacklén admits.

Another matter that Helsingin Sanomat’s reporting reveals is that security guards from the company that were convicted of excessive force contained to work as if nothing happened.

The daily states in an editorial: “There needs to be a debate on training in the private security sector. It is also the responsibility of the provider of such services to ensure that the morale of the security guard can be trusted. It all boils down to how security company treats customers. Quality must be demanded of the security guard industry.”

Migrant Tales has written several stories about how security guards on local trains in Helsinki and the Greater Helsinki Area.

Am I confident that Avarn Security’s violence problem will be fixed?

I am highly sceptical.