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Special! Buy your new Anti-Racism spray, “Olli”. In stores now! Buy one get one free!

  Our dear friend Sademies recently came out with a business idea about creating a spray made of “Pig blood“, to spray on Muslim’s. Now, see…that ran me the wrong way. I’m Indian, and have multicultural friends from across the world. Chinese, Australian, Swiss, Egyptian, Turkish, Syrian, Finnish, Norwegian, Canadian, American and more. A few

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The Third Eye – Fascism through control

  Helsinki substitute councilman Olli Sademies of the anti-immigration Perussuomalaiset party stated on Facebook that Finland should carry out forced sterilization of new African refugees that move to the country. I am right now boiling with anger, and the numbers I am counting to calm down have gone over 100. Trying to be diplomatic in

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While the rest of the world moves forwards towards gay rights, the Christian Democrats of Finland go the Putin way

Päivi Räsänen has a lot to say for herself. As a god fearing, christian woman, Minster of Interior for the Finnish government, and the official representative of the Christian Democrats, Her party managed to hold on to 6 seats, the lowest number amongst any Finnish political party. Yet, as we read this, instead of wondering

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