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PS candidate seeks to buy votes in local elections. The Board of Elections for the Tampere Region has reported a campaign advertisement to the local police for investigation on suspicion of electoral bribery. The advertisement was placed in the local newspaper Nokian Uutiset on behalf of Rauno Hautamäki, a candidate for the anti-immigrant Perussuomalaiset party. It promises that

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Parliament debates practicalities of expulsion from Finland

Following a much-publicised nightclub shooting incident in downtown Helsinki about three weeks ago, the Finnish Parliament informally debated the problems of deportation on 11 October. Further views surfaced in the Finnish media on Sunday evening concerning how expulsion can be enforced in practice. The debate has focused on the problem that arises when no country is

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Family reunification: Interior Ministry calls for comments

The Finnish Ministry of the Interior recently published a working group report on the present state of family reunification of refugees and displaced persons in Finland. This report seeks to clarify the background to family reunification and to examine the prospects for amending the associated regulations. The report was prepared in response to the programme of the

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