Asylum seekers are mismanaged and at the mercy of the Finnish Immigration Service

by , under Hussain Kazemian

The mismanagement of asylum seekers by reception centers is a non-stop affair in Finland. The latest matter affecting asylum seekers by the Finnish immigration Service is transferring them from one reception to another one. 

One Afghan asylum seeker, who was staying at the reception center in Vantaa, was fortunate enough to find work. Even so, he ended up transferred to to Kajaani, which is located 548 km north.

Despite the transfer to Kajaani, the Afghan asylum seeker had signed a work contract.

“I told the employees [of the reception center] and social worker at the Vantaa reception center about my job,” he continued, “but they still decided to transfer me to another city.”

The asylum seeker said that it was difficult to find employment in Finland, but when he did it was taken away from him.

“I told a staff worker at the Kajaani reception center to transfer me to another city that is closest to my [former] work,” he said. “But they fooled me and told me that they would resolve the matter but never did!”

The asylum seeker made enough money at his former employment that he did not need any social welfare for a month.

“It’s a problem if we do not have a job,” he concluded. “If we have a job and a contract, they transfer you to another city. What should I do?!”