Asylum seeker in Joutseno immigration removal center cell 222: “I am sad and I have cried”

by , under Enrique Tessieri

When you are with asylum seekers in Finland, you see them one day they end up detained and soon deported, an episode in one’s life that he or she will remember the rest of his or her life. This is now the case of twenty-one-year-old Mohammed*, an Afghan asylum seeker who came like so many to Finland in 2015. 

The police detained Mohammed at Mikkeli’s Suonsaari asylum reception center on Monday at 6 am. He was taken to Savonlinna and ended up Wednesday at 11 am at the Joutseno immigration removal center,a former prison.

“I don’t know what o think,” he said. “I’m sad and I have cried.”

Afghan asylum seeker Mohammed in cell 222 awaiting deportation.

Mohammed said that he was very disappointed by the answer of his lawyer, who said that she “regretted” his deportation.

Mohammed moved to Iran when he was 15 years old and does not want to go back to Afghanistan.

Afghan asylum seeker Mohammed’s cell at the Joutseno immigration removal center, which is a former prison. Picture by Mohammed.

* Mohammed’s name has been changed.

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