Asylum seeker in detention cell 406: “[I] just [want] to be in [a] safe place and live in peace”

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Photos by Asylum Seeker in Detention Cell 406

I asked on Saturday the young Iraqi asylum seeker in detention cell 406 to show with pictures his world which is now a barred window that exposes some buildings and the rainy, overcast day. He messaged that he is “just nervous and stressed about the next week what will happen.”  

The asylum seeker will find out next week whether it is deportation back to Iraq. He’s a Christian, and he claims that his father was killed in Iraq because he converted to Christianity.

It is not only punishment for an innocent person to be detained in a cell like the young asylum seeker in Lappeenranta, but hard on those that are in contact with him.

I can only imagine what he is going through as time ticks and nears him to his fate.

I too was once locked up in a detention cell in Argentina during the dirty war (1976-83) for forgetting my ID. There was also a barred window at the place I was detained without glass that exposed the overcast day, too. I remember hoping to turn into a bird inside that cell so I could fly to freedom but I couldn’t.

Asylum seeker in detention cell 406 wrote that he too hopes to be free but cannot think straight because he is too stressed and empty.

He wants to thank those who wrote to him.

A day in the life of an asylum seeker in Finland: