Asylum seeker detained at the Joutseno immigration removal center: “I should go to my wife who is pregnant”   

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In Joutseno, located 20km north of the southeastern Finnish city of Lappeenranta, is Finland’s second immigration removal center after Helsinki’s Metsälä. It is a place where Finland even locks up families with children and where suicides happen.

Finland does this because it sees immigration as a threat. This fact is the basis of the country’s oppressive immigration policy, especially towards asylum seekers.

Cases of human tragedy abound at Joutseno irrespective of sex, age, national origin, and marital status.

Below, is a picture of a minor looking out the window at the Joutseno immigration removal center.

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One of these asylum seekers is an Iraqi who has been locked up since February 2.

Like many of his countrymen, he too came to Finland in 2015. Contrary to other asylum seekers at Joutseno, he is married to a Finnish woman who is expecting a child.

A view of the Joutseno immigration removal center yard from his cell. Photo by the asylum seeker.

The asylum seeker’s problems with the Finnish immigration authorities started in February 2017.* After they detained him in Pori during that month, they sent him to Turku. The police said that even if he was married to a Finn, it wouldn’t be grounds to stop the deportation.

After being detained in Turku and the Metsälä immigration removal center for 10 days later, the police detained him again in February and sent to the Joutseno immigration removal center.

“They said they had to lock me up because they suspected I’d to another country,” he said. “I asked them [the polce] where I would go. I should go to my wife who is pregnant.”

According to the asylum seeker, his Finnish wife pleaded with the authorities “crying and begging them,” but it was to no avail.

* Not July 2016 as originally reported.

  1. Light

    Yes no mercy in Finland, not at all, because no moral and morality!

    Migri, police. judges, law in Finland, finnish system are very cruel, unbelivable cruel, angry, wild and unjust !

    A child will born with no father, actually it has father, a father full of love for his family, but Finland try to send him back to war and blood !
    Is this modern social? what migri will answer to this child in the future?
    *** Joutseno is a place for Punishment with torture ***

    How many human are there in dark cell?
    How many different stories?
    How many poor Iraqi asylum seekers, Moroccan, Afghan, other nationalities?
    Joutseno is a PLAGUE in Finnish history, Finland is in black list of history !
    Plague will not stay only in Joutseno, will not kill only asylum seekers, but will move to whole Finland and will kill all !

    * The plague is an infectious disease, racism is plague *

    World is watching you Finland !

  2. Light

    *** The police said that even if he was married to a Finn, it wouldn’t be grounds to stop the deportation ***

    Racist bully police !

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