Assaulted Helsinki, Finland, black bus driver: Immigrants are treated unfairly by the police and law

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Ali Dahir, the black bus driver who was assaulted Tuesday in Helsinki by a white Finn, claims that the police and the law treat foreigners differently from Finns. The bus driver, who is a Finnish citizen and a native of Somalia, was attacked while at work and suffered concussions.

While the police and government officials may disagree with Dahir, his statement by him reveals a wider known problem: There is little  credibility of the police and our laws by some immigrants. It is a serious problem that should be addressed.

“The police and the law treat foreigners [or people who aren’t white Finns] unfairly,” he told Migrant Tales. “If I would have attacked a white bus driver, you can be certain I’d be arrested and jailed.”

Dahir asked the policemen why they didn’t arrest and lock up the attacker after he was apprehended.

“All they said was that they understood why I was angry [by what happened],” he said.

Dahir, who has lived 17 years in Finland, believes that the police and law continue to treat people who aren’t white Finns unfairly.

“I am certain that if this would have happened in the UK or Sweden, they’d have locked up the attacker,” he said.

  1. PS voter

    It is difficult to say if Ali is right. I don’t think I can rule that out at the moment.

    There should be more statistical studies to say for sure. However, if news would include more often the ethnic background of the suspected persons, then it would be at least a bit more easy to compare both the treatment and behaviour of different ethnic groups.

  2. PS voter

    It would be interesting to hear also some other claims by immigrants and by native Finns of unequal treatment, that have at least some credibility. I also think that many native Finns believe that immigrants are favored in some things. I think there should be wider discussion about these issues on both sides.

    And if it is found out that some belief of unequal treatment is unfounded, then that information and the evidence, should be widely spread. And if it is found out that there is unequal treatment, it should get wide attention as well.