Are we sowing the seeds of a second Holocaust in Europe?

by , under Enrique Tessieri

If we look at this famous, or infamous, picture of Germans rounding up Jews in Warsaw to be sent to a death camp, a harrowing question emerges: Could it happen again? Instead of Jews would there be Roma, Muslims or even Jews being escorted at gunpoint to a box car?

Even if such a question may be premature, there’s nothing to suggest that Europe has totally forgotten what happened during the Holocaust never mind the acts of genocide it committed in the Americas, Africa and elsewhere.

The same racist ideology that drove a country like Germany to murder millions of people still exists today. It can be found in the soil from where the poisonous plants of racism and hatred grow and bloom.

It isn’t hard to figure out what is wrong with the picture below. What is worrying in Europe today is that a large majority of white Europeans still believe that they are the only ones who have the right to live here. Minorities like the Roma, Muslims and others are only disenfranchised “guests.”

As long as we think we are the only ones who have the right to live here we’ll always flirt with the Holocaust. It may not happen in the same way as in World War 2 but can take other sinister forms.

This story published in 1942 was barely noticed in the Daily Telegraph. The big question is why. A modern version of this picture could be European border guards keeping out people from war-torn, hunger-ravaged and impoverished regions who are trying to get into Europe.  We don’t send them to concentration camps but to the abyss and despair.

Do you think that something this harrowing as the picture above shows could happen in Europe again?



  1. Yossie

    This one really represents well what this blog is all about

    1) Keep blaming Europeans and whites for all the past evil deeds
    2) Europeans and whites should not have any right to tell who can come in to the country and society they have build
    3) Whites are the guilty ones always

    European border guards are the ultimate evil now? How about the ones that make the refugees countries those war-torn, hunger-ravaged and impoverished regions? You are always judging whites, yet never the ISIS or others that are making these people leave. Why?

    I think its because the only thing you care is getting more and more immigrants to undermine whites and Europeans. That’s why you are more concerned about people getting in and not why they had to leave.

    • Enrique Tessieri

      Yossie, if you look at history, Europeans have done terrible things. And yes, they are “evil deeds” as you point out.

      White Europeans are only one group living in Europe. Don’t forget that we are a very culturally and ethnically diverse region. Here’s were the struggle is: some whites trying to keep Europe white at any cost, while some, like the Nazis, took it so seriously that they started to exterminate people wholesale. But it’s not the first time it has happened. Europe was a colonial power and genocide was one of their weapons.

    • Yossie


      “Yossie, if you look at history, Europeans have done terrible things. And yes, they are “evil deeds” as you point out.”

      You are always very keen on bringing up those evil deeds and to use them to justify the evil deeds of others. Somehow you are not interested in evil deeds of non Europeans.

      “some whites trying to keep Europe white at any cost”

      And you are trying to make Europe as much non white as possible at any cost. I very much think that is your leading thought. Like I said earlier, you have no interest about things that make people leave to Europe, but you have all the interest in what tries to stop them coming.

      I think that is getting us in trouble. If you think people want to keep Europe white, then the best course of action is to try make Europe as non white as possible? To me, its you who is begging for trouble.