Are the sour fruits of the Charlie Hebdo attack the usual ones of hypocrisy and denial?

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What fruits will the Charlie Hebido attack yield? Will we engage in debate or find comfort in denial? Will we succumb to easy answers and hypocrisy or to openness? 

Since some claim that free speech was attacked last week, a tweet by Daniel Wickham raised some poignant questions about Sunday’s march against terrorism. The London School for Economics co-president revealed in 21 tweets how those very world leaders that marched on Sunday persecuted journalists and the media in their countries.

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Umayya Abu-Hanna offers us some insight on the types of fruits the Charlie Hebdo attack will bear on her Facebook wall below. She agrees that hypocrisy and denial will remain but a “general fear in the West” as well.

What do we fear the most? Violence? Muslims? Our usual hubris and imperialism?

Or all of the above?

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Finally Gavan Titley sums up the latter questions with a posting on his Facebook page. He said that what he wrote was a reaction after reading a range of columns in the Irish and British Sunday papers.

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