Are the police in a secret love affair with the Soldiers of Odin?

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The Soldiers of Odin are a white supremacist vigilante group founded in the northern Finnish city of Kemi in 2015. The founder, Mika Ranta, a declared neo-Nazi.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a USAmerican anti-Semitism and anti-bigotry group founded in 1913, wrote about the Soldiers of Odin under the subtitle of “From Finland with Hate.”

The ADL writes: “Though the Finnish group has proclaimed that it has no ideology or racist orientation, European journalists looking at its membership soon found that its individual members certainly did, with
many of them linked to various white supremacist and other far right groups—and a number of them possessing criminal backgrounds.”

Mika Ranta tweets: “The Northern Finland police are still pretty reasonable. We still get along with them.” Source: Twitter.

Even if the tweet raises some questions, it should not surprise us since the police have had an ambiguous relationship with the far-right group.

By looking at the tweet and the picture below of Soldiers of Odin’s leader Mika Ranta, it isn’t hard to figure out why far-right xenophobic groups and parties like the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* have grown.

Soldiers of Odin founder Mika Ranta is a neo-Nazi. In the picture, he promises to pay 1,000 euros to anyone who knocks a woman’s teeth down her throat.