Anti-immigration stances and policies of the United Kingdom will lead to its breakup

by , under Enrique Tessieri

What three countries are officially multicultural? They are Canada, Australia and the UK. In the case of Canada and the UK, these countries adopted multiculturalism as a social policy to avert the breakup of their countries.  

As everyone knows, Canada has a French-speaking Quebec that aspired to become an independent nation. One of the most important roles of Canada’s multiculturalism was to make sure that Quebec remained a part of the country.

And it did.

Read how PM Theresa May deraild the UK’s Brexit process here.

It is the same story for the UK with respect to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Here is the big question: As the UK retreats into its ever-xenophobic and hostile shell of the outside world, will such stances and policies lead to the eventual breakup of the so-called United Kingdom?

Source: The Poke.

The answer to that question is yes. Isn’t Scotland flirting with the idea of launching a new referendum for independence? If Scotland decides to vote for independence, it will have a powerful impact on Wales’ and Northern Ireland’s plans and aspirations.

Anti-immigration and anti-European policies are not uniting the United Kingdom but leading to its breakup.

Considering that the Brexit ordeal-saga is a Tory party matter, one wonders how such an internal feud could cause such devastation.