Anti-immigration sound-bite: Rape! Rape! RAPE!

by , under Enrique

I was surprised to read a blog post on Uusi Suomi by Kai Haavisto, a Perussuomalaiset (PS) politician from Espoo, who suggested that those groups that are prone to commit rape should be castrated chemically before being allowed to live in Finland. 

Haavisto is well-known for his racist views. One of his blog entries in September suggested that the ”refugee problem” to Finland could be stopped and solved by exporting rice to Africa.

While Haavisto’s views may surprise sensible people, the reaction to what he wrote is even more stunning. The response is no different to how lynch mobs reacted when they took the law in their hands.

Social-media lynch mobs are just as sinister. Their aim is not to lynch one person but whole groups shouting in a frenzy: Rape! Rape! RAPE!

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PS MP James Hirvisaari, who was convicted for hate speech, turns into a political Mr. Hyde if you mention two words to him: immigrant rape. In this comment above, he said that the high amount of rape committed in South Africa was a genetic trait.

As everyone knows, rape is one of the pet subjects of anti-immigration and racist groups in Finland and elsewhere.

As Migrant Tales has written on a number of blogs , the whole immigrant-rape issue is a storm in a tea cup. This does not suggest that we play down rape or any crime.

Anti-immigration groups use rape statistics to “prove” that as soon as an immigrant or refugee from a certain part of the world enters Finland, he becomes a gang rapist.

Nowhere in Haavisto’s blog entry, where he suggests chemical castration, does he give us any figures about what are the volumes of suspected never mind sentenced rape convictions. He only assumes (when you assume you make an ass our of u and me) that rape is a pastime of the immigrant community.

Certainly Haavisto’s blog entry is racist and it was surprising that Uusi Suomi’s moderators took such a long time to ban it.

If one traveled back to goes to Nazi Germany, this is exactly the type of eugenics that was carried out against Jews and other minorities like the Roma and the mentally ill.

Sad but true.