Anti-immigration Hommaforum editor to head PS’ party newspaper

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By Enrique Tessieri

What kind of message does the Perussuomalaiset (PS) give when it names Matias Turkkila as the new editor-in-chief of the party’s newspaper and web page?  It reinforces what Migrant Tales has been saying all along: the PS will step up their nationalistic and anti-immigration campaign up to the do-or-die municipal election in October.

Turkkila, who used to be a member of the far-right Suomen Sisu association, was PS MP Jussi Halla-aho’s campaign manager in the 2011 parliamentary elections. Halla-aho received 15,074 votes in Helsinki, which is the second-highest amount after Left Alliance chairman Paavo Arhimäki, who got 17,226.

The newly appointed editor-in-chief is editor of Hommaforum, an anti-immigration messageboard site where Migrant Tales has been mentioned on numerous occasions. Hommaforum is closely related to Scripta, Halla-aho’s blog.

Critics of the PS politicians who based their campaigns on anti-immigration and especially anti-Muslim rhetoric are naturally not surprised. Green Party Uusi Suomi blogger Pekka Siikala recently described PS Chairman Timo Soini as “Finland’s most immoral person” over this latest appointment and his sustained failure to deliver on a promise to throw racists out of the party.

Some political observers see Turkkila’s appointment as a last-ditch attempt to repair the PS’ image, which has been tarnished by numerous scandals. Whether he succeeds is a totally different question.

But Soini must succeed in the October municipal elections. If his party does as poorly as in the presidential election, it will mean a long and painful march to the 2015 parliamentary election.  The 39 seats won by the party last year are in serious jeopardy.

Turkkila’s appointment as editor-in-chief suggests that he may become the party’s unofficial spokesman after Matti Putkonen has burned all of the its bridges with the Finnish media.


  1. eyeopener

    Hi MT. The message PS send is: We are anti-immigration, we don’t shrug away from racism and who is not with us is against us. Actually nothing new. Just the worst move of PS could come up with. Intelligence is not the core competence of PS.

    Simply nothing new. Boring!!

    • Migrant Tales

      –The message PS send is: We are anti-immigration, we don’t shrug away from racism and who is not with us is against us. Actually nothing new. Just the worst move of PS could come up with. Intelligence is not the core competence of PS.

      eyeopener, well said!

    • Migrant Tales

      Hi Dwarven fighter, is it good news? I’m not talking about Matias Turkkila but you having a split personality. You are Farang but now appear as Dwarven fighter. Give me a break!

  2. Mark

    Dwarven Fighter

    Welcome to Migrant Tales. How would you describe a good immigration critic, and even more interestingly, how would you describe a bad immigration critic?

  3. D4R

    Dwarven : Yes! There’s still room for good immigration critics in PS. This is really good news, indeed.

    Do you call a good immigration critic calling dark skin people and other Moslim immigrants as rapist, criminals, welfareleechers and the n’word? that’s what’s going on in your so called “a good immigration critic” in Hommaforum and other your immigration critic discussions. To me a good iummigration critic would include also immigrants participating the discussion, right now it’s not so, only so called immigration critics wich happen to use racist language seem to only participating the discussion.

  4. Sasu

    Plus ihmiset vähän unohtavat että nämä maahanmuuttajat eivät ole mikään ihmeen yhtenäinen joukko. Olisi kivaa tietää kuinka moni maahanmuuttaja sanoisi identifikioituvansa maahanmuuttaja termiin. Ei varmasti hirveen moni.

    • Migrant Tales

      Olet oikeassa. Vielä ihmeellistä on, että ns. kantaväestö määrittele ketkä nämä ihmiset ovat.

    • Migrant Tales


      Onko sama Suomessa?

  5. Sasu

    Suomalainen versio olisi että rasismia ei ollut ennen kuin sinä toit sen. Syytä aina uhria kaikesta. Käytä tunteelisuus korttia. Vedä omia tunteita keskusteluun. Käytä stereotyyppejä. Käytä fraasia en ole rasisti mutta…
    Vähättele ongelmaa tai sano että koska en ole kokenut sitä niin se ei ole totta. Ole paternalistinen. Tarkoittaa että uskot että värilliset ovat avuttomia ja valkoisen mies on oikea kertomaan mikä on ongelma ja miten siihen pitää reagoida. Tässä jutussa oleva kuva edustaa juuli paternalistista välittämistä

    • Migrant Tales

      Sasu, tutkimuksessani jotkut suomalaisista jotka muuttivat Argentiinan 1906 olivat aika rasistisia. Samaa ilmiö näkyy Ruotsissakin kun suomalaiset muuttivat sinne siirtolaisena ja työskentelivät eri siirtolaisryhmien kanssa. Katso YLE:n Historiansarjoja: Raggarit, rasismi ja suomalaiset ohejlma. Tässä linkki:

  6. eyeopener

    Hi MT contributors. We do realize that PS has now shown its “real face”, don’t we??. Denying racism as a central part of its policies is not an option anymore!!

    Whatever the supporters of PS bring to the table now must be interpret their contributtions in the context of this appointment.

    At least -and that’s PS’s credit- PS has shown its “real face”. Let’s wait and see how the Finnish population think of “this new PS”. Community elections will be on soon.

    Bets are on!!

    • Migrant Tales

      Sasu, en tarkoittanut asia niin. Tarkoitin vain, että sillä on paljon esimerkkejä vaikka Suomessa on asunut vähään maahanmuuttajaan.

  7. Farang

    Migrant Tales

    “Hi Dwarven fighter, is it good news? I’m not talking about Matias Turkkila but you having a split personality. You are Farang but now appear as Dwarven fighter. Give me a break! ”

    What the fu*k are you talking about? Why do you claim that this person is me?

  8. eyeopener

    Hi Farang. Your place would be a role in: The Good,Bad and Ugly. I see you already standing on the shoulders of Soini. Nice picture in my opinion. Actually you should be on the shoulders of Turkkila who’s on the shoulders of Soini. Even a batter picture of the collapse to come “on warp-speed”. You like fairy-tales, don’t you Farang??

  9. Farang

    MT, please answer me. Don’t you understand what you do? Being an administrator of this blog, you have certain credibility. When you make such claims that some person is actually someone else, most people here will believe you because you are an administrator.

    That kind of lie would cause for example me to lose credibility here in eyes of others. Is that what you purposely do?

    • Migrant Tales

      The question should be: Is this morally correct?

  10. eyeopener

    Hi Farang. You never had any credibility here. Wether or not changing names and talking fairy-tale stories.

    Don’t blame MT for your “crying times”. You try to puish and push “your luck”. You winded up in the “bull-shit” pen. Familiar place for you (Hommaforum) so don’t complain when some people start to “squeeze balls”

    Kind of pains here?? Just a piece of your own cake FairyTale Guy. Take it as a human being. Sport is not your “cup-of-tea”.

  11. Martin-Éric

    The funny thing with Matias is that, despite his sometimes extremist views on certain topics, he’s still a rather calm and reasonable guy:

    I remember him being spotted at some Kokoomus event (Hei! Puhutaan maahanmuutosta!) and given the opportunity to speak simply because he is well-known. He solemly thanked the organizers for the opportunity to speak and then immediately pointed out that the reason why there is a such a strong one-size-fits-all opposition to any form of immigration is that people with discordant voices – such as this agitated granny who had been demanding to speak for several minutes – are being systematically ignored, rather than given the opportunity to express their opinions in public and to be openly debated in a calm and civilized manner.

    Obviously, Matias is anti-immigration (I certainly won’t deny that), but he speaks his mind in a civilized way and he readily accepts counter-arguments, plus, he’s enough of a gentleman to politely agree to disagree if the discussion lingers on without any apparent conclusion. He also happens to be an expert at using Social Media, which is why the Far-Right has repeatedly called upon his know-how to score wins online.

  12. eyeopener

    Hi Martin-Éric. Wolf in sheep clothing doesn’t make Mathias a better person. His way is “trying-to-minimize” the negative public opinion.

    Probably you are more familiar with the Freanch, Belgium and Dutch way. I do respect that way better because you know what you up against.

    Matias hides!! Looks reasonable. But in the end he advocates a society that I object.

    Therefore, I will argue with him whenever I can. Knowing his attitudes he will have the nice stories ready. I want to inform the Finnish public about my point of view. IN MY WAY. That might not always be the “nice-way”.


  13. I am

    Hi, hi hiiiiiiiii eyeeeeeopener, Hi MT and all
    How r u eyeopener, mised u and MT abit
    Have a great weekend on MT, u and all

  14. Sasu

    Migrant Tales Sasu, en tarkoittanut asia niin. Tarkoitin sillä, että on ollut paljon esimerkkejä vaikka Suomessa on asunut vähän maahanmuuttajia.


  15. eyeopener

    Hi I am.
    Takes sometimes some time to recover from the LOL of the “ignorant people”. Wonder if I should reply at all. 🙂

  16. BlandaUpp

    The saddest thing is that there used to be quite a few people of immigrant descent in Homma in the early days until the Nazis decided that they hate every single one who is not “white”.

  17. eyeopener

    Hi BlandaUpp.

    I am a white migrant. Very white indeed. In summer I look like coloured. People ask me where on earth I was 🙂 I always tell them I come from Mars. For them brown is similar to green, red, yellow etc. A kind of color-myoptics.

    Joke. BlandaUpp, but you are very much right in concluding that even non-whites participate in Homma. Probably defending their place in Finnish society. Clapotis is an excellent example of “modified rightwringer”.

    Have you ever seen the documentary The Wave?? Have a look and understand the “kiss-you-my-a…..then I’ll kiss yours”

    Just follow the Greek and in a little less serious form the French elections. Farright wings gain many seats in parliament. I will call this “backen snow”. But it hurts when you think of “all humans are borne alike”. This is the “killing-fields” mentality of many individuals.

    “It’s me on the corner and I want to have it all”