Another scandal is brewing thanks to the Perussuomalaiset

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By Enrique Tessieri

Another scandal involving the Perussuomalaisete (PS) party is brewing  after what happened to councilman Tommi Rautio and MP Teuvo Hakkarainen. At the eye of the latest scandal is Jani Viinikainen, a PS Pirkanmaa region board member, who founded an anti-Roma Facebook page called, Mannat kuriin (Let’s put Gypsies in line)! 

On the list of “like” supporters you’ll  find convicted far-right blogger Seppo Lehto, a few members of the  Finnish Defense League, PS members and the usual crowd of  interculturally challenged Finns.

The recent scandals that have hit the PS fan happen less than a week before the party’s national executive board meet on Saturday, March 4.

Is this what PS chairman Timo Soini meant when he stated in October that the party does hate anyone?

Last year Viinikainen founded a homophobic Facebook forum.   The PS Prikanmaa regional board was planning to sack him but decided the contrary in December. Viinikainen got off the hook with a warning.

While some Finns and PS members may consider these types of Facebook pages “funny,” they show a more sinister side of the the party we have all learned to know:  Immigrants and Muslims are not the only political scapegoats of the party.

It has been less than a year since the PS won their historical election victory in April.

Every month the PS produces a scandal. What will be March’s?

  1. Seppo Lehto

    Corrections to your fake / wrong messages:) “Mannet kuriin” is original 😉 group name I suppose. You wrote “Mannat” which means “a porrage” puuroa I suppose. 😉

    The same fatal fake attitude 😉 “far right blogger” 😉 Of course I`m all right, but not so far away 😉 Who wants to be comminist alike stalin, mao? .. by the way 😉 spanish newpaper El País called me 2008 far leftist blogger 😉 so it is alike beuty in wier`s eye 😉 what do you want ;)?

    Seppo Lehto Tampere

  2. D4R

    Thi’s is getting, worst and worst. When will this stop? sensible Finns, stand up against these madness, and take back your country fro these racist.

    • Migrant Tales

      D4R, the very racism and hatred being spread by some members of the PS is the same poison that will kill them politically.

  3. D4R

    M.T: D4R, the very racism and hatred being spread by some members of the PS is the same poison that will kill them politically.

    I agree. I think Most Finns are aweking to these barfrlies, they can’t run the goverment without scandals, the country will go down the drain in their hands.

  4. Mark

    My guess is that Lehto’s use of the swastika was harking back to the aircraft roundel of the Finnish Air Force pre-1945. In that sense, it’s not a Nazi insignia, which would have been positioned differently, and would have been black on white against a red background.

    While Seppo’s far right credentials are really unquestionable, nonetheless, we should be careful about assigning a Nazi link to his use of the swastika, because that’s an obvious opportunity for him to ‘laugh at our ignorance’, which I’m sure he would do.

    So as not to get off the point, I’d like to ask you Seppo what is your opinion of the Nazis? Do you admire them?

  5. Seppo Lehto

    You should remember that communists were supporters of NSDAP after 1933. When you scratch a little any german “nationalsocialists” 😉 you found ex communist.

    Sovjet-Russia supported after Rapallo treaty 1924 German to have bigger artillery and panzer / tank troups giving the area in Ukrainia

    So if you want look who is admiring which one you should remember that Stalin and Hitler were the biggest fan to each others till june 1941.

    As well Winston Churchill said after 1938 “we need Hitler against Stalin”.

    My admiration 😉 is left only for lovely women 😉

    Seppo Lehto Tampere
    Muhammed caricaturist
    2 years 5 months prisonery in Finland in the Sovjet slave president Tarja Halonen period

  6. Peter of Finland

    Seppo, I recommend that you seek treatment from a mental health professional.

    I know that there such services are woefully underfunded here? (Perhaps you would like to blame Tarja Halonen for this?) 😆

    And that there are unfortunately terribly long queues and waiting times for appointments…

    And who would you blame for this? Ah yes, that’s it, you’d blame ‘immigrants’! 🙄

    Nonetheless, you do need help! Perhaps you could print out your rantings from this blog and take them to your local health-centre (terveysasema). I’m sure that the doctor on duty would gladly have you committed to a mental hospital for observation!

    And one last thing… Nobody could care less whether El País called you a “far leftist blogger” or a member of the far-right. (In divergent political contexts and various different languages disparate terminologies are used.)

    Far-right? Far-left? Who cares! In my eyes you are a fascist! If you don’t understand what this means, you could always read have a look at wikipedia. People like you only have hatred and conspiracy theories to offer.

    It sickens me to think that you are quite possibly able to procreate. Luckily alcohol retards sperm production and often leaves certain areas limp when they need to rise to the occasion! 😆

    Maybe you have quite a lot more in common with Teuvo Hakkarainen than just your shared perverse ideology? 😉

  7. Seppo Lehto

    You are so totally wrong and having communist heritage alike tarja hjalonen 😉

    They have twice try to do so as you “suggested”, but they have failed in both cases even Russian embassy and tarja halonen have asked them to so. Even one doctor has said to polices1996: “Go to say that chief police. You cannot make Seppo Lehto as insane”

    Second time they try to do that communist gulag method in Turku jail Saramäki. They failed again

    As everyone knows that method is heritage of NKVD and Stalinism: Use medicine to put dissidents to silent if you do not shoot them

    Seppo Lehto 😉 I`m ok, but how about you ;)?

    Tampere Silvottu tynkä-Suomi

  8. Peter of Finland

    My god. This guy is a total fruitcake! Seppo I am not a communist, you do not know what political beliefs I hold (except that I am not a xenophobe).

    Stop making idiotic assumptions about other people and get your head sorted out. You REALLY need to speak with a mental health professional!!!