Another scandal hits far-right Sweden Democrats

by , under Enrique

Sweden Democrat (SD) MP Lars Isovaara is resigning his seat after he spat at a parliamentary security guard, reports The Local. The latest scandal to the far-right party follows an earlier one this month after Swedish tabloid Expressen published a video of an SD MP who got rowdy  in public and hurled racist and sexist insults. 

SD party chairman, Jimmie Åkesson, stated that Isovaara’s behvior had eaten away his credibility, adding that the former MP has ”personal problems.”

Writes The Local: ”Isovaara reportedly oinked like a pig and spat at a security guard in the early hours of Wednesday morning after he had reported a robbery. He called the Expressen newspaper himself and urged them to publish the story, however the paper later published information that suggested the robbery never took place.”

In neighboring Finland, the Perussuomalaiset (PS) party has seen numerous scandals ranging from drunken and disorderly behavior to  applying for membership in a neo-Nazi party.

How many of these PS MPs and party members have faced the music and resigned on their own will?