Another red herring about gays and Jews by Finnish PS MP Juho Eerola

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I’m always amazed by these anti-immigration and especially anti-Islam Perussuomalaiset MPs like Juho Eerola, sent a written question to parliament demanding that Muslims in Finland renounce publicly their anti-gay and anti-Semitic stances, according to Kotka-based Kymen Sanomat.

Here’s a very good opinion piece (in Finnish) by Sakari Timonen that exposes Eerola for what he is: A politician without scruples.

The question that Eerola’s statement raises is why is he offering us this red herring now.

Those that have read Eerola throughout the years, know perfectly well that he’s no friend of gays. We could even put to question his pro-Jewish stance. Is he pro-Jewish because he supports how Israel treats Palestinians, who are Muslims?

The answer why the PS MP expresses concern now for gays and Jews is clear: European MEP elections are coming up in May and there is apparently concern in the PS that the party’s negative stand against same sex-marriages may cost it dearly.

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Eerola’s victimization of Muslims is done the same old way: He groups all Muslims in the same bag.

Reaction to Eerola’s stunt has been widely commented and condemned on social media.

PS MP Eerola is that type of far-right politicians who would care less for gays never mind cultural diversity in Finland and religious freedom.

His most recent outburst and red herring is ample proof of that.

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