Anonymous: Symbol of hope in Finland

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One of the presents that Migrant Tales has given me is the opportunity to meet many people through words and in person. One of these special persons that I have been corresponding and speaking to for months is Anonymous. She has contributed stories and beautiful poems to our blog. 

Anonymous is in a bit of a quandary these days since she’s living in an institution because she’s been diagnosed with paranoia. She disagrees with the diagnosis and has not been told when she’ll be able to leave the institution.

A dark room and the light of day outside. Photo by Enrique Tessieri.


Hope and poetry shield Anonymous from the hardships of life. She states:

The only thing I have is hope. I don’t have a career or a decent life. I have basic survival, nothing else. I don’t feel safe. I’m just existing. And the only thing that keeps me alive is my hope. If I only succeed to bear my anguish another day…If I can get through the day things can get better tomorrow. Poetry heals and gives me strength to hope for another day.

Anonymous gave us the following poem called Symbol of hope:

Hope to ask us you are dear

For you help me bear my clogged chest with anguish clear

Help me brace life hot seat without fear

Nor a bullet vest nor any protective gear for I’m not a bear

But an ordinary human whose hope you endear

Whose rights  have been thrown over the window rear

Always my tragic plight you hear

Since you are so close to my ear

It tastes to you dear

No criticize nor find it queer

Nor complain tastes like a pear

Never protest nor my name smear and understand it always bear

My distress call becomes near have faith in you far and near

Give strength to endure and efforts engineer

Believe in ourselves to our aspirations and goals steer

With hopes that one day our efforts will bear fruit

It will bear fruits and be able to sit under the tree

Tastes sweet as pear

Hopes soaps atrocities fear

Hope washes down

Pain and suffering tear

Hope rinses  but in staying clear hope conditions it will limps of faith from year to year

Imposed obstacles in huddles crush and tear

Hope to me you are so dear

Not an enemy to my life tear

Shield me with your wings far and near

Hope you are my uniform

Not a casual wear

Reminds us in God we trust and bear

And enforce resilience and dogged perservierence to always bear

Hoping for a better tomorrow from year to year.