Anonymous migrant: Known – unknown

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Migrant Tales’ insight: Anonymous is one of the many readers that not only visit our blog but contribute their stories and poems. I’m not at liberty to disclose her identity but can vouch for her story. We have been in touch countless of times on the phone and she has told me her six-year ordeal in Finland many, many times. 

I am honored to publish her poems and insights of life in Finland. Having power over others gives you certain privileges like not questioning yourself. But being marginal opens up a different world that Anonymous’ poems bring.

One of my favorite writings by Anonymous is Against all odds human spirit cannot be crushed



By Anonymous


A fate of life hanged in the balance. Nothing to ease the suffering. Devoid of any means of sustainance. Left to ponder on unknown fate rest on the assumption that nobody will be aware nor figure out her plight as she is kept under surveillance 24/7. In the event becomes an invisible victim. She exists… known but her plight unknown…



incident ripped open healing wound

past suffering sutured by mound

re-opens and gushes blood without a sound

where does it end…

but leaves a trail a around

to where the acts of revenge surround

to the heart of discord- pattern -bound

where does it end…

destroy every ounce of effort with pound

slash existing roots of hope without sound

and any progress made and found

where does it end…

induce a fall down against enemy with hound

not to be able to pick herself from ground

for it will take a miracle this time around

where does it end….

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