Anonymous: Do not be silent!

by , under Anonymous

When you are silent, everyone does whatever they want, and you have encouraged them with your silence.

Do not be silent, if someone is oppressed in your presence and you are silent, you have helped the oppressor, you have supported him with your silence.

Do not be silent, speak, you distinguish good from bad, you see, you understand, and you are aware, why are you silent? Your silence gives power to the enemy, your silence gives energy to bad people, your silence confirms them.

Do not be silent when bullies attack the weak.

Do not be silent when a foreign man is made homeless by his Finnish wife. The woman deceived him. They have lived for years, and they have children. But Finnish law calls all men mentally ill and Finnish women worthy mothers. I have talked many times to these men who were foreigners or refugees and even Europeans and Scandinavians. They have all been shocked and very sad, but on the contrary, women have brought another man into their home and taught the children that the real father is bad, and you should forget him ….

Do not be silent when an Iraqi or Afghan refugee is chased by a racist with a gun in the streets or forests and in small cities…

Do not be silent when a racist insult an African because of the color of his or her skin.

Do not be silent when a foreigner or a poor Finnish is under pressure and homeless, hungry, cold and helpless!
Do not be silent When you see a Finnish or foreigner homeless person under the roof of an escalator, he is asleep, he/she is in pain, he is tired and he is speechless, they gave up on humanity, and they are hopeless, but YOU do not be silent, you must stand for humanity because yourself is a human too!

Do not be silent when the law votes against your rights.

Do not be silent when the government and ministers, president lie to you, and lie to you again and again!

Do not be silent when racist and savage guards beat a foreigner in front of your eyes

Do not be silent when the racist police on the street ask you for an ID card, when the police lock you in a cell.

Do not be silent when you are attacked in a group

Do not be silent when the law and the newspaper and media lie to you

Do not be silent if you see someone being attacked

Do not be silent, you are human, you must feel for other human beings, you must respect humanity.

Do not be silent, those who oppress, assassinate, kill, beat, humiliate, exploit, violate the rights of others, racist, evil and savage, they have not ruined the world and the planet. Yes, but you have ruined it, you are in it. You have destroyed the world with your silence, yes you are.

O you who are silent and conservative, you and your crime and sin are worse than thousands of times more. you are guilty.
Do not be silent when refugees and their children and their parents and young people are trapped in Finnish camps behind iron wires.

 Those who remain silent are worse than the oppressors because they feed and nurture them with their silence.

I am never silent, I have never been silent, and I consider those who keep silent as my enemies.

But not being silent requires courage, most people are just shadows, one day they will come and one day they will die, exactly no trace of them will remain, the earth will not remember them, not even a particle of their effect will remain. Their wealth and money will remain on earth and they will be reduced to dust with 100% empty and cold hands.

Do not be silent, maybe today, tonight or tomorrow it is your turn and you need help and therefore the universe will be silent, you will not find help, you will only meet silence.
 Finland is The Country of Fines, Punishments , Humiliation and  prejudice the country of torture, the government steals from the people and the people are beaten by the police if they protest …

Finland is a country of racists, a country of indifference, a country of cruelty, a country of crimes and penalty and the Cold War, a country of dictatorial laws and a country of bullying and racist judges,they are low intelligence and very stupid, and who will judge these idiots? Judges with fossil brains! fraudulent and money-loving lawyers ٕ Finland is a country hated by angels, they curse it day and night. 

Finland is a country of silence, and when it cries out for help, it will only face silence. You are silent, so please receive silence.  GOD*s laws are just and unique! Bravo to GOD!