Anonymous, an immigrant woman: Moment in time

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What would you say if the only treasure you have in life is what Anonymous calls the Mighty Pen? “The color [of the ink] doesn’t matter because appears on paper has strength,” she said.  “It’s a normal pen but it has strength. Give a real picture of my life.”

Migrant Tales has been in touch with Anonymous for some months. She is in an institution in Finland diagnosed with paranoia. She disagrees with the diagnosis. Her beautiful poetry speaks volumes about her plight and that of other migrant women.

A moment in time could be the sunset behind the horizon telling you with its beauty to never lose hope. Photo by Enrique Tessieri.


Moment in time

The mighty pen is dense

In an assimilated sense

Becomes an immigrant victim defense

Of a true story untold

Uncovering offense

Of the scope in magnitude in lens

Is trampled on the answer from whence

And covers the origin of a feud so immense

Which came to a boil for consecutively four years hence.

We are bound by a culture of disbelief so intense

Drugged us into the irony of democratic society

Where law prevails to fence and provide a shed and protection

For the vulnerable when entices hence

Never been envisioned by those who believe in the rule of law itself

But Drawn along is the will to ensconce as seeing is believing doesn’t make sense

No longer sufficient the offset the wrong so dense

Facing us in the agony of grave abuse of the law condense

Harassment on scale that has never been experienced hence

By any immigrant women in vivid detail so intense.

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