Announcement: Save people in Mosul event in Helsinki on March 21 at 11 AM-6 PM

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Mosul is a city located in the north of Iraq and the scene of some heavy fighting between groups like Isis and the Iraqi army. It has left hundreds of thousands of people from the area displaced. These people are being helped by Finnish and European relief organizations. 

Making matters worse is the Iraqi government, corruption and its total lack of caring for the Mosul civilian population.
“We want people in Finland to get a first-hand view of the humanitarian crisis in that city,” said one of the organizers, Muhammad M. “A Finnish women who recently visited the city will tell us about what she saw.”

According to Muhammad M., much of the reporting from Mosul has been under the protection of the Iraqi army but that the Finnish woman that went there visited the camps were there are some 250,000 displaced people.

“The Swedish media has pretty good coverage of what happens in Mosul but it’s the opposite in Finland,” he concluded. “I hope a lot of people attend the event.”
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