(Announcement) 2017 Summer School Migration in Southern Europe: Solidarity, Crisis and Beyond

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This seven-day course “Migration in Southern Europe: Solidarity, Crisis and Beyond” will investigate the developments, challenges and the impact of the migration and refugee crisis on southern European societies and on migrant populations. It will also explore the prospects for improving the current management of issues and relevant social policies.

In conjunction with the lectures and seminars, the program includes a full-day of study visits to facilities and organizations in the Attica region that receive and support refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants. Athens provides an ultimate setting for carrying out this program, as it comprises the main city of temporary or permanent stay for immigrants and refugees in Greece, and offers a unique environment that facilitates participants’ deeper engagement with the issues at hand.

To Whom it is Addressed

As this program is interdisciplinary in nature, it is open to all disciplines (such as Sociology, Social Policy, International Relations, Human Rights, Economics et al.) and applicants are welcome from the undergraduate level of studies and up, including but not limited to postgraduate students, PhD candidates, researchers, NGOs professionals. Doctoral students and researchers will have the opportunity to present their PhD/research at the PhD Seminar.