An Iraqi asylum seeker gets shot at twice in Kemi on Friday, police apprehend suspect

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Migrant Tales understands that a twenty-one-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker* was shot at twice on Friday* at 6pm by a suspected a nearly 70-year-old* white Finn who lives in the neighborhood of Syväkangas in the northern Finnish city of Kemi.  The victim wasn’t hurt by the incident and the police have reportedly apprehended the suspect. 

Due to language problems, a friend of the victim who spoke English told Migrant Tales what had happened. He was in the same room as the victim.

“At 6pm my friend went out and a man appeared from his home with a rifle and shot twice at him and missed,” he said. “My friend ran and hid behind a tree and called the police, which arrived and arrested the person.”

After the incident, the victim wanted to go home but didn’t dare to since there were three Soldiers of Odin members on the street. The police accompanied him home.

“When he passed the Solidiers of Odin on the street they started to cuss at him [my friend],” he said.

The attack took place Saturday at 6pm in Kemi.

The friend said that the young Iraqi asylum seeker’s left middle finger was broken two months ago by some Soldiers of Odin members at the Kemi harbor.

“My friend went to the police to report what happened but he has not heard from them since then,” he said.

*Migrant Tales had published in an earlier story that the victim was shot at on Saturday and that the suspect was believed to be 50-55 years old. Two Iraqi asylum seekers instead of one reported previously were the victims. 

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