An interesting blog that follows far-right candidates in Finland’s municipal elections

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I bumped into a blog called Kunnollisvaalit 2012 (in Finnish), which aims to expose far-right candidates running for office in the Finnish municipal elections of October 28.  The blog cites 11 Perussuomalaiset, 2 Center Party and one Muutos 2011 candidates as “far right.”

The blog aims to expose what these candidates are posting on the Internet.

Kunnollisvaalit 2012 considers far right the following groups: Suomen Sisu (Nazi-spirited association), Nuiva Manifesto (PS’ anti-immigration manifesto), Finnish Defense League (Counterjihadist), Suomen Kansalinen Vastarinata (neo-Nazi).

Remember Ulla Pyysalo, PS MP’s Juho Eerola’s aide, who was planning to join the neo-Nazi Suomen Kansalinen Vastarina? Well, she’s running for city council in Taipalsaari.

On a thread on Facebook with TU tennis, Ulla Pyysalo compared immigrants to animals and plants. ”Yes, transplanting animals or plants in a new environment has always ended in failure.”

Risto Helin is a “white power blood & honor” candidate for the PS  in Vaasa. 

Pyysalo continues, now comparing immigrants to racoon dogs.  ”I heard just recently that hunters are encouraged to kill these raccoon dogs,” she writes. ”God dang it how racist and terrible. Eeek help! :DDDDD,”

The Kunnollisvaalit 2012 list below of fascists, Nazis and racists isn’t complete. PS candidates such as James Hirvisaari, Olli Immonen, Freddy Van Wonterghem are missing.

The 11 PS candidates that Kunnollisvaalit 2012 cites are:

Muutos 2011 and Center Party:


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