An email from a woman immigrant: Jungle law in Finland

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Some foreigners and immigrants give birth to babies near-constantly and therefore are unemployed. After 15, 10 or 7 years they enroll in a Finnish-language course and complain that they don’t learn a thing. They claim that Finnish is too difficult to learn.

Some Finns are more than happy to hear that their langauge is too difficult to learn. Only intelligent people can speak such a difficult langauge, right?  Another matter that makes them happy is that you’ll be unemployed since your knowledge of Finland is still elementary. You won’t be competing anytime soon for the same jobs as them.

Somebody like me appears and wants to improve her life but can’t change anything. It’s how jungle law functions in Finland:

  • The government and system loathe you. They think we are all doing the same thing (living off welfare) and we’re all the same;
  • That’s why some are so hostile to immigrants, especially if you try to find work or try to learn more Finnish;
  • In the meantime, while you live off welfare, you’re supposed to work for peanuts. Your daily wages amount to 9 euros and you work from 8am to 4-5pm;
  • There are immigrants who stay at home and complain near-constantly that they are sick, have a headache, have to take care of their baby or make up some other excuse to not go to work or class to learn more Finnish;
  •  Since they live frugally they have a lot of money in the bank and don’t really need to work at all. Why should they?
  • These types of immigrants abuse the law and system. Those like me, who don’t want to play this game, are singled out by the government, social workers, courts and police for standing up for our rights;
  • Those immigrants that never complain to anyone would never touch Migrant Tales with a ten-foot pole;
  • They just say everything is fine in Finland. It’s the best country in the world and everything is fine because they can take a long rest and do nothing;
  • To conclude, the social welfare system awards those that lie and punishes those that are honest.

Finns have a right to be angry at lazy people on welfare. I agree with them but they attack me and others who want to change matters. I would love to work and stop depending on social welfare.

There are two enemies out there: Immigrants and the social welfare system.

The solution? Change is only possible if I am accepted by society. Secondly, I must change my life completely. I need to get a job or establish a business so I can attain the Finnish immigrant dream: have my own apartment, raise a family, and bring my parents to this country.

All this requires money. Getting a real job or establishing a business. In other words: money.