Am I surprised that Finnish fiction sees migrants as unhappy victims? Not!

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Researcher Pasi Saukkonen tells us in a YLE story that “not one content immigrant is found in Finnish fiction.” One may ask how come?  The answer, in my opinion, is simple: It’s a white Finnish view, their prejudices and the narrative they want to give of Others. 

The fact that there isn’t “a single content migrant” reflects, in my opinion, the xenophobic attitudes, exceptionalism, and outright denial of Others from being treated as equal members of society.

White Finnish authors cited in the article write about migrants through the lens of exceptionalism and white Finnish privilege.

Entitlement gives, in these cases, the power to construct social narratives based on the writer’s prejudices. and ignorance.

There are many countries where immigration is seen as something positive. In Finland, however, it is seen as something negative, especially if those people are Muslims or dark-skinned.

Am I surprised why migrants never enjoy a good ending in fiction?

Not at all. It’s only another indication of Finland’s suspicion of Others.