“After the immigrants, you’re next”

by , under Enrique

This chilling phrase that was written on flyers in a gay clubbing district of Athens, Greece, is only the tip of the iceberg concerning the ever-growing violence and intolerance spreading throughout Europe.

Writes the Trumpet.com: “Masked men on motorbikes patrol the streets of Greece’s streets, attacking immigrants and driving off. Mobs armed with improvised weapons beat them in public squares. Neo-Nazis have been elected to Greece’s parliament, with slogans like “Foreigners out!” and “The garbage should leave the country!”

Would you call it far-right ideology? Fascism? Populist radical right thinking? Counterjihadist-spirited? Intolerance? Ignorance?

Since some politicians have no problems about lying to your face, use the following test to peel off their masks of deceit. Do a simple test: Take their denials and turn them into affirmations.

A racist will usually state, ”I’m not a racist,” and a populist radical right politician will claim that he’s not a radical.  Sensible people know that the opposite is the truth.

A good column on the Independent of the U.K. by Laurie Penny states that there isn’t anything wrong to draw parallels with what is going on in Europe today and Nazism of the 1930s.

Writes Penny: “Actual fascists in actual black shirts are actually marching around Athens waving swastikas and burning torches, and maiming and murdering ethnic minorities, and world governments appear frighteningly relaxed about it as long as the Greek people continue to pay off the debts of the European elite.”

In the Nordic region we have a few parties that would be more than happy to put in cold storage our civil liberties. Some of these are the Progress Party of Norway, Danish People’s Party, Sweden Democrats and the Perussuomalaiset (PS) of Finland.

One of the most surreal matters about the Nuremberg trials of Germany were the denials of the Nazi regime’s leaders. If they were to be believed, they had nothing to do with the estimated 60 million who perished in World War 2.

Let’s nip intolerance in the bud and save ourselves a lot of hardship in the future.


    Its more likely The Greeks will be shown the door out of euro before the migrants and the colorful gay community. What a disgrace blaming their poor economic situation which demands academic brilliance and commitments to solve on poor migrants.Pathetic.
    They are xenophobic, homophobic,anti-semitic and a danger for peaceful coexistence.

    • Toiset Soundit

      “Its more likely The Greeks will be shown the door out of euro before the migrants and the colorful gay community”

      Do not blame the Greek people for the ceonomic crisis please. Well, their leaders are to blame, sure. But the first to blame is: an ultra-capitalist system which has waged war on the people’s of Europe and Europe’s system of welfare states.

      I condemn the fascists roaming the streets in Greece. I despise even more the financial fascists in nice suits in London’s City and New York’s Wall Street.

      Indeed: the 30’s are back. Europe: hold tight! And let’s fight back against the banks!

  2. D4R

    Fascism could rise again. Not ‘Nazism’ specifically, but then it could be very close to Nazism, it just wouldn’t be called that.

    If you wanted to bring back Nazi-style fascism, you wouldn’t march around with swastikas and do Nazi salutes and stuff like that, because that turns people off. Neo-Nazis today are really more interested in getting people angry at them, being outrageous, getting attention. If you -really- wanted to bring back Nazism you’d put it in different words. You’d sell it as capitalism, nationalism, protecting the country from some threat posed by minorities, etc. And we already have politicians who do that.

    ‘White nationalism’ or ‘white power’ are going to be very hard to sell because we are so aware of racism these days. But often it is disguised as anti-immigrant sentiment, or anti-welfare etc…. we’ve already one party in Finland that has established itself as one with fascism.


    Well Toiset Soundit, tell the facist to stop beating and blaming the poor Afghan boy for the shit they are in and for taking their jobs when infact what this boy does is cleaning toilets.