African woman killed by her former white Finnish husband in the city of Lahti

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A 53-year-old white Finnish male fatally shot his African wife in Lahti on Sunday, according to tabloid Ilta-Sanomat. The couple had been separated and were at fighting in court over legal custody of their only child. The woman was 38.

The woman was allegedly from Zambia.

Read the original story (in Finnish) here.

The couple got married in northern Finland in 2016 but moved to the south of the country. They separated with the man living in Kouvola and the deceased woman in Lahti, located 64 kilometers.

Tabloids like Ilta-Sanomat, which have not apologized for their racist reporting of migrants like Somalis since the 1990s, and other media are quick to racialize gender-based violence.

Should we call this terrible act in Lahti a “crime of passion” since it involves a white man killing a black woman? If it were a Muslim killing his white Finnish wife, could it be called an “honor crime?”

Honor crime or crime of passion boil down to one matter: gender-based violence.

There is no “honor” or “passion” in killing women. It’s the same crime, and the killer is usually a man.

  1. intternetnetsi

    Honour crime is crime approved and pressured by family/friends/community. You are really ignorant cultural aspects of crime when you boast you know multicultural communities.

    • Migrant Tales

      If you plan to kill someone that is murder. How many Finnish men have killed their family? Isn’t that simply a tragic crime. Stop generalizing.

  2. intternetnetsi

    “Puukottaja selitti tekoaan sillä, että kyse oli esityksestä. Miehen mukaan aviokriisi vaati ”kunnian pesemistä”, sillä muut hänen kulttuurinsa edustajat suhtautuivat häneen naureskellen.”

    “Nainen oli lopettanut huivin käyttämisen, ja miehen mukaan nainen oli erotettu heimostaan, eikä nauttinut heimonsa suojelua.”

    Two different cases, of course for me its tradegy but for them only possible way out of shame from their community. Stop being ignorant.

    • Migrant Tales

      The source? MV-lehti, maybe? What about men whose wife cheats and then he kills her because his macho pride got hurt. What is that called? I totally disagree with you. You are generalizing. That is what people with deep prejudices do.

  3. intternetnetsi

    Those are from IL, IS, YLE, MTV. I dont read MV.

    It is real, in UK and Sweden there is taskforces to stop it and also stop forced marriages what are close if not same.

    Your ignorance put childs in danger because you think they do as we do.

    Young girls are killed because of that “shame”. And you “i know multicultural things” deny that this exists…. Shame on you.

    You really dont care about immigrants.

    • Migrant Tales

      Iltalehti? Unreliable. Ilta-Sanomat? Unreliable. Yle? Depends, but I’d have to see the story. MTV? Unreliable. Don’t you believe in science and academia? Do you have sources from such places? I guess not.

  4. intternetnetsi

    And you have totally wrong idea.

    In honour violence whole family/friends/clan etc. are for it and support and push for violence.

    As what i red “its wrong that now i got prison sentence, i just killed shameful woman”

    • Migrant Tales

      That is a sad case. But the same factors must motivate men to kill women in our society. Loss of face, reputation. Society and their peers are looking at them and rubbing it in. It is all gender-based violence.

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