Acceptance and respect of cultural diversity is very similar to the gay rights struggles of the past

by , under Enrique Tessieri

It wasn’t too long ago in Europe and countries like the United States, Argentina and Australia that being gay was seen as a psychological disorder that could even be cured. Acceptance of cultural diversity, the right to be treated with respect irrespective of your background, is undergoing the same struggles that gays faced as they sought greater rights.


Cultural and ethnic diversity is like a forest. The more detail we can see, the greater strength and beauty if offers.

In many respects, the same attitudes that forced people into thinking heterosexuality was the only right sexuality, is being promoted today by those who don’t accept cultural diversity and somehow believe that a person who is other can be “cured.” 

If the gay person was sent to a psychiatrist in the past, the same cure is being collectively prescribed to migrants and minorities. We’ll show you how to meet our expectations – they claim – even if they have no effective answer since their prejudices are the problem.

I believe that cultural diversity will gain greater acceptance and become the more the norm in the future just like gay rights did.

That is why gay rights is so interlinked with minority rights.