Abuse of asylum seekers at Luona’s reception centers continues despite assurances that they don’t permit “racist behavior”

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Migrant Tales understands that asylum seekers at Luona, a private company that manages eight reception centers, continue to suffer abuse. Luona employees with foreign backgrounds treat asylum seekers in “a racist and inhumane manner,” according to a source.

“Asylum seekers are forced and threatened to work and clean at Luona’s reception center [in Espoo],” the source continued. “If they don’t comply they are threatened by employees [with foreign background] that they will be  sent to another reception center in Hyvinkää where they claim there is a pig sty.”

Migrant Tales has documented a number of cases of how asylum seekers are treated in a racist manner at Luona’s reception centers and the police, which can detain them for many hours for minor offenses.

After Migrant Tales and other media exposed how the company was treating asylum seekers to the public, Luona claimed last month that it would take steps to correct such abuses.

“We don’t permit racist or inappropriate behavior [from our staff] towards asylum seekers,” said Luona General Manager Milja Saksi. “We have made personnel changes if people aren’t suitable to work at our reception centers.”

We will publish more on this type of abuse later on in the day.

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