Abdirahim’s and Ali’s radio show begins today at 1pm on YLE

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Abdirahim Hussein and Ali Jahangiri kick off their weekly hour-long radio program on YLE today at 1pm. I know both persons. I especially like Abdirahim because his sincere no-nonsense about cultural diversity issues. 

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Ali is a talented speaker as well, trying to use humor to address a serious social ill like racism and acceptance.

One thing I haven’t asked the both of them is why they use the term “mamu?”

Constructive debate is one important matter that must be never forgotten in the ongoing debate about Finland’s ever-growing cultural diversity.

If the aim of an article or debate topic is to strengthen stereotypes and racism of certain groups living in Finland, then that is what I’d call destructive debate.

Let’s Abdirahim and Ali the best of luck.

You can get in touch with both of them by calling 020 690 001.