Abdirahim Husu Hussein: It’s time for change

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Have you applied for a rental property from your city but have had to wait for years simply because of your foreign name, while witnessing Finnish names get served within max 6 months? Over 100 cases have been recorded so far.

Have you applied for hundreds of jobs without even getting invited to an interview? Positions that are suddenly filled, once you contact them and they hear your name? Jobs, that are being given to people with half your qualifications… but with a Finnish background?

Have you been stopped and searched by the police supposedly randomly?

Have you had your dreams of higher education slashed by your guidance counsellor and other authorities; been told that you wouldn’t make it and should instead apply to ammattikoulu? Have you worked hard towards becoming a doctor, professor, engineer and so on, only to be recommended you become a lähihoitaja?

Have you been disrespected, called names, abused (verbally, physically, online…) and made to feat that sort of treatment simply because of your name, religion, colour of your skin or the language you were heard talking?

Do you feel this has become such a normal situation that you no longer believe it’s worth bringing up? Have you experienced time and time again how your voice is not heard, no matter how loud and clear?

Well, let me tell you this: so have I.

And that’s why I want you to know that your voice is heard. Your experiences matter. Things don’t have to go on this way and you can help make that happen. Together we can change that.

You can vote. You can help me change this and make the country we live in a better place for us all.

The general election of April 14th is when you should use that voice of yours and give your support to a candidate, who is determined to bring a change. Here’s your chance to do something. One thing we know for sure: if we don’t vote and bring new people to power, nothing will change.

I am running for a seat in the parliament and have been listening to you and passing your concerns forward for the past 10 years. Help me make my dream come true; help me to look after you even more.