Aamulehti: Kohuvaltuutetun lausunto: Muslimitytön tappaminen ”positiivinen asia”

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Comment: Perussuomalaiset (PS) party councilman of Kotka, Freddy Van Wonterghem was quoted as saying that he did not care if Saudi Arabian women died, according to Tampere-based daily Aamulehti.

“In my opinion the Saudis can do what they please in their country, it’s none of my business,” he said. “Maybe one good thing about this is that whenever a Moslem girl is killed then one possible Moslem mother is eliminated.”*

Van Wonterghem, a Belgium-born naturalized Finn, has made provocative statements in the past like the Holocaust was exaggerated.

*Thank you JusticeDemon!


Muslimisynnyttäjen tappamiskirjoituksella kohua herättänyt kotkalainen kaupunginvaltuutettu Freddy Van Wonterghem sanoo Helsingin Sanomissa, ettei koe syyllistyneensä väitteellään rikokseen.

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  1. Allan

    Well Enrique, if you get so aroused by imagining a 14-year old being flogged to death, why did you not go comment into the original discussion where the apologetic defense of this kind of punishment for a raped teenager was going on? But you never were too strong on original sources were you?

    Why do you dispute that the holocaust was heavily used by the USSR as propaganda tool? Just because you believe in Communist propaganda there are facts all modern reasearchers agree on these days. But you never let the facts matter when you write these bagatelles?

  2. JusticeDemon

    Van Wonterghem wrote this:

    Positiivisena asiana voidaan pitää, aina kun tapetaan muslimityttö, saadaan yksi potentiaalinen muslimien synnyttäjä pois pelistä.

    My preliminary translation of this is:

    Maybe one good thing about this is that whenever a Moslem girl is killed then one possible Moslem mother is eliminated.

    Maybe Van Wonterghem should try your tactic of talking about the USSR and Communism when his case comes up, eh Allan? I’m sure the District Court will be mightily impressed. 🙂

  3. Jonas

    Perhaps more concerning is the lack of condemnation of his remarks by the party’s organisation. He was an unsuccessful parliamentary candidate in Helsinki district. Rather a lack of judgement to put someone like that on your list. According to Helsingin Sanomat, the True Finns’ district chairman said that van Wontergehm’s comments would not lead to any action. Apparently, the chairman said “They are his own personal opinion. Personally, I wouldn’t write such things, but Freddy writes what he writes. It is not our common point of view”. Hardly a stern denunciation of his views.

  4. Allan

    Justice Demon – what is wrong with Wontergehem’s logic? If some moslem culture kills its own women in breeding age, surely you are not objecting to their religious freedom? After all, the only “incitement of hatered” would be against those flogging the girls to death, and as you blast Wontergehem you obviously defend them.

    Do you get aroused against a population group like Mika Illman does of flogged girls?

  5. JusticeDemon


    Let’s hope you are merely trolling. Otherwise that comment says more about you personally than I ever could. Presumably it’s also a “good thing” if your daughter is killed, as this will prevent her from perpetuating the family heritage of racist bigotry.

  6. Jõse

    Von Wont… also said “if he had the power he would stop those murders”.. he is clearly against the murders and criticises feminists and countries that don’t do anything or even say anything.. you are just hanging in that one sentence which was written to annoy simple people ..and it succeeded.

    “If you are not speaking against the murders then you must think it’s alright”, that’s the message he tried to get through.

    • Enrique

      Hi Jöse and welcome to Migrant Tales. There are more effective ways of addressing an issue without turning people off. This is my criticism of Van Wonterghem.

      Sometimes, or more Tilda than normal I get the impression that the PS is more interested at slapping pubic olinkin with their provocative statements as opposed to seriously debating an issue and finding effective solutions. In other words they attract the usual crowd and turn off the rest.