A “Welcome to Finland” video that is racist and insulting

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Thanks to two friends, I was able to watch a “Welcome to Finland” video funded by the Finnish and Swedish film boards as well as the Nordic Children and Youth Committee. Writes Ilona: “You don’t need to speak the [Finnish] language to understand the depth of shameful, racist humiliation being enacted here.”

You can watch the “Welcome to Finland” Doxwise video here.

The video makes fun of an Afghani asylum seeker on hunger strike since September 10.

”We are going to support these hungry refugees which are on hunger strike because they think that criminals and shit heads and rapists shouldn’t be deported under any circumstances from Finland because it’s inhumane,” says one of the men.

The three men start grilling chicken and bacon next to an Afghan who is cold and on hunger strike. Apparently the men understand that he is a Muslim who doesn’t eat pork. One of the many foolish things that the men do is get drunk and streak naked in the video.

So let me get this straight: Tax-payers’ money was used to make fun of Afghan refugees on hunger strike in front of Parliament? Moreover, the whole project was planned on the anti-immigration Hommaforum website.

The only reason why such a video could be made is because these men aren’t refugees from a war-ravaged country.

Would they dare make a video mocking white Finnish women in a sexist and humiliating manner?

I doubt it.

Thank you Ilona and Ruth for the heads-up. 



  1. JusticeDemon

    One obvious point is that these young Finnish men now have no future whatsoever in serious political dialogue or international relations. They will be an embarrassment to whatever political faction accepts their support.

    Has any serious political group in Finland stepped forward to praise the conduct shown in this video? As far as I could tell, only one participant emerges from this affair with any honour whatsoever. The quiet dignity displayed by the victim is so powerful that I could almost imagine that this incident was staged as a publicity stunt in support of the hunger strikers.

  2. Farang

    We need to separate two things here: a) actions of these men and b) making a video report of it.

    Tax payers’ money was only used for b, it has nothing to do with the actions. Similar way as if YLE makes a news that reports a crime, you don’t claim that YLE supports that crime.

    The purpose of this video series is to report everyone what certain people do and how certain people think. I think this video works as eye opener to many people who doesn’t see the racism in their usual days.

    So as JusticeDemon put it, this video causes more good than bad.