A warning to Tamk international students: If you cheat, “you better go and study in another country”

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Some Finns have not received high scores for their subtleness but can be sometimes outright offensive. Taru Owston, a councellor at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Tamk), gave a stern warning to international students at her talk.

It’s not rocket science to understand that cheating is unacceptable in all countries and cultures. It also happens in Finland. A Finnish MEP, Laura Huhtasaari, was caught for plagarism.

Is she the only plagirsm case in Finland? Probably not.

Owston recommends that international students should go and study in other countries if they want to cheat. Does she mean that in those counteis cheating is acceptable?

Councellor Taru Owston telling international stunts that cheating is a no-no.

Warned Owston:

“We ask you to work a lot together. and help each other. But there is a little bit of confusion here. We’ve had problems with our international students with cheating. So you are very welcome to work together during the times when you are learning. But then when it comes to testing, we’d like you to work on your own. So, cheating in any form, copying from others, using sources that you don’t credit, and using some other material that you are not supposed to, we really don’t like it. And if you are that way inclined you better go and study in another country.”