Updated: A summertime dedication to my friends…

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…and another warm day where time takes its time. The lake near the town of Mikkeli in eastern Finland looks so comforting, like a liquid bed where you can rest and leave your cares on shore. I dedicate these four pictures to all the nice people I’ve met blogging.

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, I hope you’re enjoying summer as I am.

Please ask if you’re going to use these pictures elsewhere. Many thanks.

Click on Picture 1: Here’s a waterlily, probably middle-aged, resting on the lake.


Click on picture 2: In the shallow part of the lake the sand and stones rejoice because of the warmth emitted by excess sunlight.


Click on picture 3: Here’s a better view of the lake in eastern Finland.


Click on picture 4: This picture, taken by my son Dante, was shot about eight hours later. The sun works in mysterious ways in the Sub-Arctic.


  1. suburbanlife

    Beautiful place is Finland! The lake loooks very much like lakes in the Yukon Territory, here in Canada, and night this time of the year is wonderfully light as where you are. Alas, the days are now getting shorter.

  2. nemoo

    How fascinating! I visited the Yukon last year and fell in love with the place. Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed about visiting northern Canada. Yes, both regions are very similar. We don’t have any Black Spruces nor so many bears. There’s a lot of granite formations in Finland, which you’ll find in Yellowknife as well. You are a very lucky person to live in such a beautiful place.