A song by Enrique Santos Discépolo that refuses to die: Cambalache siglo 20

by , under Enrique Tessieri

The 1930s are known by Argentinean historians as “the decade of infamy” due to the widespread political-insitutional corruption and fraudulent elections. Enrique Santos Discépolo (1901-51) composed a song in 1934 to mirror those terrible times called Cambalache siglo 20, 20th Century Bazar. The song, written 84 years ago, refuses to die since it mirrors what is happening in the United States under Donald Trump and with the rise of nationalist-populists parties in Europe. 

Like so many Argentineans who came as migrants to Argentina believing in a better and more just world, Discépolo like many of his countrymen was also attracted by anarchism.

Discépolo died of a stroke on December 23, 1951.

Cambalache sung by Julio Sosa (1926-64), one of the great tango singers of his era.

Source: Letras de Tango