A sick Iraqi asylum seeker asks for mercy in a country that supposed to offer it

by , under Enrique Tessieri, Thulfiqar Abdulkarim

As the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) makes life difficult for asylum seekers in Finland with the approval of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s government, take a look at an Iraqi asylum seeker in the video below from the Pudasjärvi asylum reception center of northern Finland.

The man, Ali Mohammed Hussein, whose right hand is shaking as he speaks, asks for mercy as the police told him Tuesday at the asylum reception told him that he has seven days to leave and will no longer get any medicine, which the center paid. The man’s rollator will be confiscated as well by the reception center. 


The action of the police is surprising considering that reception centers run by the Red Cross will not turn out anyone from their centers.


See video here.

The man’s rollator, which he needs to walk, will be taken from him as well by the reception center. 

Hussein’s appeal against an earlier decision by Migri for asylum was rejected Tuesday by a district court.

He has suffered from a lot of pain in his stomach area for six months. Finally he was taken to a hospital whre he was operated three times. Each time, the doctors said that the operation didn’t succeed and they couldn’t pinpoint the problem.  

Like many Iraqis that came to Finland, he thought he’d find a country that was humane to his and that of the suffering of others.

In his personal case and that of many thousands of others, the man ha been fed to chance in a country that stands up for Nordic and human rights. 

The asylum seeker has had three operations.