A second deportation attemp from Finland to Mauritania

by , under Enrique Tessieri, W. Che

The desperation and anguish in a woman’s voice are present as she pleads for help for her Mauritanian husband, 45,  who was deported on March 27. It was the second time that the police had tried to deport her husband after the first attempt, on March 19, on Turkish Airlines failed. 

Both have been married for three years.

Source: worldatlast.com.

“You must help me,” she said. “I’m suffering from depression and feel very bad about what happened. He is a good man and has a job. Why did Migri [Finnish Immigration Service] deport him?”

Her story and that of her husband’s is another sad chapter in the inhumane manner that the Finnish Immigration Service and the police treat some migrants, especially those from Muslim-majority countries.

His wife sends us the following email from his husband:

“At 5 am on Wednesday 27.3, the staff of the Metsälä detention unit [immigration removal center] woke me up and said that the police were waiting for me downstairs in the cellar. I went out of my room to meet them wearing a pajama. They were six police offices who Immediately escorted me to their police car. They frisked me and then placed a thick belt around my waist that they tightened from my back.


A prisoner ransport belt. Source: hiverminer.com.

Next, they cuffed my legs as well and proceeded to drive me to the airport…At the airport, they parked the [police] car next to the back entrance of the plane. One of them [the police] wrapped his right arm around my neck almost chocking me while his left hand covered my nose and mouth and [then] laid me [by force] across three seats; the other police officers sat on top of me focing my arms behind my back. They kept me in that positiion until I passed out. I felt the armrests [of the seat] stab my body. I woke up after some time and found myself in the middle seat with two police officers at my sides and a third one holding my head [down]. There were few passengers on the flight. In Paris, I was locked up in an isolated room for three hours until the next flight [to Noukchott, Mauritania]. They were worried that somebody would notice me.”

Both pictures show bruise marks on the wrist of the deported asylum seeker.