A racist harassing a young Muslim woman at the bus terminal of Mikkeli, Finland

by , under Enrique Tessieri

On taking the 8:30 pm bus today to Helsinki from Mikkeli, a white-middle-aged redneck (WhiMAR) started to get too close to a young young woman, possibly from Afghanistan, with an older woman and a young man. It wasn’t clear what the man said to the young woman, but he told his fat WhiMAR friend that, “She’s a good-looking woman even if she wears a rag [hijab].”

I told the WhiMAR  to “behave” and stop harassing the woman. He stopped and appeared a little stunned that somebody cared.

The EU holds elecions on May 23-26 and Finland parliamentary elections on April 14. Source: European Network Against Racism.

On he bus, I told the driver to check with the surveillance camera if the harassment by the man persisted.

Let’s hope that nothing happens.