A question to the Finnish “let them drown” MEP candidates: Is this ok?

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Up to 70 people are expected to have drowned after a vessel capsized off the coast of Tunisia, according to the Guardian

Migrant Tales published this week a list of Finnish MEP candidates who did not care whether migrants drown at sea or not, based on an Alma Meter election compass question that asks the following question:

“Is it the obligation of the EU to save all those migrants who attempt to come to Europe and who are at risk of drowning in the Mediterranean?”

Nearly 40% of the candidates disagreed with the question above or had no opinion.

For those MEP candidates who disagreed or had no opinion, Migrant Tales asks them to read the story below and search in their hearts an answer to the following question: Is this ok?

Read the full story here.