A question for Ilta-Sanomat: Why didn’t you mention the name of the security company and who was in the video?

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An example of you-can-eat-your-racist-cake-and-have-it journalism: The chief executive of a private security firm posts a video wearing a uniform about how a member of the Romany minority shoplifts. The security firm’s representative uses his personal TikTok account to publish the racist post.  

The security guard chief executive took down the video after a representative of the Romany community confronted him. 

An apology follows: “Since my motive wasn’t racist, I was surprised [by the reaction]. When the representative [of the Romany organization] justified its case, I understood that it [the video] could be seen that way. I promised them that I would remove the video.”

In Finland, white privilege is so ingrained in society that one can make a racist video and claim ignorance.

Stealing is one of the oldest stereotypes about the Romany minority.

Even if the media will not publish the chief executive’s name and company, it is FS Security.

Source: Ilta-Sanomat

Since the end of December, security companies like Avarn Security and Securitas have been under close scrutiny concerning the use of excessive force. In January, they caused the death of a victim they apprehended.

The present story is only a further example of the challenges faced by security companies.

The story’s author did not reply to an email by Migrant Tales on why the tabloid did not publish the name of the security company and its chief executive.

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